Gloria Calderon Kellett

Gloria Calderon Kellett – Executive Producer: One Day at a Time Producer: How I Met Your Mother/  iZombie/ Mixology/ Devious Maids/ Rules of Engagement

When did you realize, you wanted to work in television?

I started writing senior year of college and knew I wanted to be a writer and storyteller at that point. Television specifically didn’t come till a few years later after grad school. I had to choose between television and screenwriting and felt [it was] the most like playwriting.

What advice do you have for college students who are looking to pursue the television industry?

Write a lot. Find your people. Find other people whose work you like and whose opinion you trust so you are forming groups to keep you in check, to keep you writing and creating.

What was your first job in the industry? What did you learn from it?

I was an assistant to an actor then a director. It was interesting to see the behind the scenes, which gave me access to sets and to see the world up close.

Something you wish someone had told you about the industry?

It’s not as bad as everybody says. And, it’s as bad as everybody says.

What is your writing process like?

Depends on the project. Usually I’ll outline something first. Then I’ll research it and write it.

How was working on One Day at a Time? How was it different from previous projects you’ve worked on in the past? 

It was really nice to be in the driver’s seat. I always had to defer to someone else’s vision and this get to be my shared vision with Mike Royce.

You guys did such a great job this season with Elena’s storyline. How did you approach her arc in the writer’s room? Was it something that you planned to do from the very beginning concept of the series or did that storyline for her come over time?

The storyline was initially inspired by my writing partner’s daughter who was coming out. We hired women who were gay in the room, Becky and Michelle, who were essential in being candid with their experiences which helped make the story authentic.

What is your favorite thing that you’ve ever written? (From HIMYM, Rules of Engagement, or ODAAT

ODAAT. It’s really personal, about my family.

What shows made you fall in love with television? What shows are you currently loving?

I loved the Dick Van Dyke show, Mary Tyler Moore, All in the Family, Facts of Life, and the Cosby Show growing up.

Right now, I’m watching Search Party, Insecure, Atlanta, Blackish, The Carmichael Show, Master of None, and Fleabag.


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